stephs_trip_lj (stephs_trip_lj) wrote in usroadtrip_2010,


170 days until take off, and we've really started to get things moving. Kimmi has made reservations for most of our hotel rooms, except for the ones at Comic Con, which we can't reserve until March. The exciting news is that, thanks to some good fortune, we get to stay at the Bellagio for our two nights in Vegas! I'm really excited about that. We're planning on seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance while we're there. When we stop in Vegas on the way back from San Diego, we'll be staying at the Paris and eating at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

The only setback we've hit is that the Comic Con tickets sold out on Saturday, so Kimmi didn't get one for that day. We'll stay diligent, though, and hopefully she can pick one up when they resell any extras.

We're planning on buying USB port for temporary wifi access. I found a web site for it. Kind of expensive, but maybe I can find something cheaper elsewhere. Of course, there will be other necessities that we'll run into before the big date. If anyone has any ideas, though be sure to let us know.
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