justplainkimmi (justplainkimmi) wrote in usroadtrip_2010,

Chicago to Lincoln Nebraska

Day 1 is over as Steph said! We made it to Lincoln Nebraska around 8 central time last night. We had a really nice night just hanging out and watching movies, and I did my last homework assignments ever!!!!

The drive yesterday was fine. We spent most of the time driving through Iowa, which is the smallest state we will drive across at only 306 miles. We crossed into Nebraska and the milage started counting down at 464. But, we only have to cross the one state today so not too bad!

Steph wrote about us stopping at some of the roadside attractions today in Nebraska. Unfortunately it rained so we won't be having lunch at the Sunken Gardens, but we will hit that on the way home. We will be stopping af Fort Cody, the long time home of Buffalo Bill Cody - famous cowboy (Not WILD Bill - Steph lol) and to see the world's largest plow. We saw the world's largest truck stop yesterday which was, not surprisingly, very big!

Well, I'm off to finish getting ready so we can head to Denver!!!
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