stephs_trip_lj (stephs_trip_lj) wrote in usroadtrip_2010,

53 Days

I can't believe there's only 53 more days until our road trip. We've got amazing hotel reservations in San Diego that put us right in the middle of the action. In Vegas on our way west, we'll be staying at the Bellagio! So obviously we're going to watch Ocean's 11 in preparation of our stay. The only real variable we're still dealing with is the Comic Con schedule, which unfortunately won't be released until two weeks before the con starts. We have to make some sweet road trip mix cds to play as we drive. I think that the most important playlist we're going to make is the Vegas one. I am trying to figure out the best songs for it. Our wifi situation looks good. We've just got to make the order. We're getting down to the little details like what drinks were bringing in the cooler.

We've also created at (currently empty) Tumblr to post all our pictures on!
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