justplainkimmi (justplainkimmi) wrote in usroadtrip_2010,

OMG We're Finally Here!!!!

Well we made it! And I know some of you have been asking me what happened to the blog? Well, we had some computer and internet troubles, but we're back online now.

It was a little crazy getting here. The mountains were crazy and I can firmly say that once home, I will never drive to California again.

Vegas was wonderful Vegas, except for the 108 degree heat. We stayed at the Bellagio which was absolutely gorgeous. I hated to leave there! And we won $50 on the roulette table yay!

We left Vegas for San Deigo and got here about midnight on Thursday morning. The hotel is very nice and we have a great view of the bay.

The con has been awesome too! We've been to the panels for Burn Notice, White Collar, Psych, Being Human, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Joss Whedon, and Adult Swim. Lots of the casts from the show were there so it was really really cool to see them.

We're about to have dinner so I'll sign off for now!
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