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Day 1

Actually, it's the beginning of day 2. Day 1 was a success, in that we got to Lincoln, NE without running into anything but the lightest rain. The American Heartland is just as green and flat and pretty as I remembered. The sky looks very big surrounded by nothing but corn fields.

We were driving west, and overhead I could watch the warm clouds from the south meeting the cold clouds from the north and forming a storm cloud. It happened exactly the way that Wikipedia told me it would (and exactly the way that I told my students after, when we were studying storms). I am a little nervous that we are going to run into a tornado, so I have memorized the rules for what to do in case that happens. First of all: don't try to drive faster than the tornado!

Apparently in Iowa/Nebraska there is a gas station chain called the Kum & Go. Kimmi and I got a laugh out of that, especially when we passed the Kum & Go in Johnson County. I mean, really. Come on. Also, in Iowa, all of the rest stops have free wireless internet, which we thought was very progressive of them.

We took some pictures of the Mississippi River in Iowa. Not like I haven't seen it, but never in Iowa, so whatever. I pretended to swim and row in it like Huck Finn, one of my favorite literary characters. Kimmi was nice enough to take the pictures and humor me, but I guess she was too cool to want pictures of herself. ;)

We listened to two of my playlists, but I still have five more! Today we're making the six hour drive from Lincoln to Denver, with stops at the Wild Bill Cody Museum and to see the World's Largest Plow. Funny story: both Iowa and Nebraska take credit for Wild Bill and both states have museums dedicated to him. I don't understand how this could be, but I will get to the bottom of it and let you know.

I can't wait to get into Colorado to see the mountains! We will have to find somewhere to pull off and get some pictures. I'll post the pictures from day 1 enroute to Denver today. Right now, it's shower time, and we need to get out of this hotel before they kick us out.
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