Steph & Kimmi's Excellent Adventure

4,000 miles, 11 days, 8 states, 2 girls, 1 car

Home stretch!
Kimmi and I are already planning to make it to Comic Con again next year. It was so amazing. Easily the highlight of our trip. Being surrounded by like-minded geeks is very refreshing. We saw so many amazing panels. My favorites were Being Human, Joss Whedon and Psych. Watching Doctor Who with a bunch of people who love the show as much as we did was also so much fun! Everyone cheered during all of the good parts. The lines were really long, but once we got the hang of it, it wasn't so bad. There's definitely a science to it, and you have to be willing to sit through some things you're not interested in to get to the good stuff.

Of course, next year we'll be flying instead of driving. I think Kimmi and I both agree that driving back and forth through the mountains once was enough. I would have loved extra time in San Diego, which is a gorgeous city. The weather was perfect - I think that maybe it hit 75 degrees, at the max. For the most part, it was in the upper 60s. I would totally live in San Diego. The whole town seems to completely shut down during Comic Con. There are SO MANY people milling around, and so many closed streets. I feel bad for the people who had to try and drive to work in the middle of that cluster.

I want to dress up in something super geeky but low maintenance. We have a whole year to plan it!

We're in Las Vegas now. The Paris is beautiful! We were going to eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, but decided on a steakhouse instead. It was really good, though the man sitting next to us was horrible and loud. We had fun dressing up and gambling.

Tomorrow we have a long drive back to Eagle, Colorado. This is basically the end of our trip, and it has been a great one. I got so many pictures to remember it by.

OMG We're Finally Here!!!!
Well we made it! And I know some of you have been asking me what happened to the blog? Well, we had some computer and internet troubles, but we're back online now.

It was a little crazy getting here. The mountains were crazy and I can firmly say that once home, I will never drive to California again.

Vegas was wonderful Vegas, except for the 108 degree heat. We stayed at the Bellagio which was absolutely gorgeous. I hated to leave there! And we won $50 on the roulette table yay!

We left Vegas for San Deigo and got here about midnight on Thursday morning. The hotel is very nice and we have a great view of the bay.

The con has been awesome too! We've been to the panels for Burn Notice, White Collar, Psych, Being Human, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Joss Whedon, and Adult Swim. Lots of the casts from the show were there so it was really really cool to see them.

We're about to have dinner so I'll sign off for now!

Comic Con!
Kimmi and I made it through the mountains of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California, but we've finally it our destination! The mountains were beautiful, especially in Colorado, but man were they scary to drive in! I can't decide if Colorado drivers are the best in the country, or just the craziest. The speed limit along all of those curves was 75 mph! How on earth could someone do that in nice weather, never mind the winter?

Utah was the longest, most mind-numbing state to drive through. Pretty, but very empty. It felt like The Hills Have Eyes every time we went 100 miles without seeing anything, only to pass an ominous "ranch exit" leading to a dirt road and more mountains.

Las Vegas was gorgeous! I'd never been there before, so it was very exciting! We spent the first night gambling at Caesar's Palace and the next day walking around. We visited Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, Excalibur, New York, New York and the Monte Carlo, off the top of my head. And then, of course, we gambled in the Bellagio. We won $50 playing roulette, which was fun. I wanted to play that, because it seemed like a very Vegas game. I loved our hotel at the Bellagio. I took lots of pictures. It was very fancy.

Comic Con has been amazing so far! We saw panels for Burn Notice, White Collar and Psych. They were all hilarious, and we got lots of free stuff from them (if we ever get time to claim it). We also went to a screening of the season two premiere of Being Human and were surprised by the cast introducing the episode! We watch the season five finale of Doctor Who after that. It's really fun watching those things in a room full of people who are as obsessed as you are. There was even someone dressed up as the TARDIS, the Doctor's space ship!

Today we are seeing the cast of Bones, Joss Whedon and the cast of Being Human again. Woo hoo! The only thing that would make this trip better is if my stupid computer would work! :(

Chicago to Lincoln Nebraska
Day 1 is over as Steph said! We made it to Lincoln Nebraska around 8 central time last night. We had a really nice night just hanging out and watching movies, and I did my last homework assignments ever!!!!

The drive yesterday was fine. We spent most of the time driving through Iowa, which is the smallest state we will drive across at only 306 miles. We crossed into Nebraska and the milage started counting down at 464. But, we only have to cross the one state today so not too bad!

Steph wrote about us stopping at some of the roadside attractions today in Nebraska. Unfortunately it rained so we won't be having lunch at the Sunken Gardens, but we will hit that on the way home. We will be stopping af Fort Cody, the long time home of Buffalo Bill Cody - famous cowboy (Not WILD Bill - Steph lol) and to see the world's largest plow. We saw the world's largest truck stop yesterday which was, not surprisingly, very big!

Well, I'm off to finish getting ready so we can head to Denver!!!

Day 1
Actually, it's the beginning of day 2. Day 1 was a success, in that we got to Lincoln, NE without running into anything but the lightest rain. The American Heartland is just as green and flat and pretty as I remembered. The sky looks very big surrounded by nothing but corn fields.

We were driving west, and overhead I could watch the warm clouds from the south meeting the cold clouds from the north and forming a storm cloud. It happened exactly the way that Wikipedia told me it would (and exactly the way that I told my students after, when we were studying storms). I am a little nervous that we are going to run into a tornado, so I have memorized the rules for what to do in case that happens. First of all: don't try to drive faster than the tornado!

Apparently in Iowa/Nebraska there is a gas station chain called the Kum & Go. Kimmi and I got a laugh out of that, especially when we passed the Kum & Go in Johnson County. I mean, really. Come on. Also, in Iowa, all of the rest stops have free wireless internet, which we thought was very progressive of them.

We took some pictures of the Mississippi River in Iowa. Not like I haven't seen it, but never in Iowa, so whatever. I pretended to swim and row in it like Huck Finn, one of my favorite literary characters. Kimmi was nice enough to take the pictures and humor me, but I guess she was too cool to want pictures of herself. ;)

We listened to two of my playlists, but I still have five more! Today we're making the six hour drive from Lincoln to Denver, with stops at the Wild Bill Cody Museum and to see the World's Largest Plow. Funny story: both Iowa and Nebraska take credit for Wild Bill and both states have museums dedicated to him. I don't understand how this could be, but I will get to the bottom of it and let you know.

I can't wait to get into Colorado to see the mountains! We will have to find somewhere to pull off and get some pictures. I'll post the pictures from day 1 enroute to Denver today. Right now, it's shower time, and we need to get out of this hotel before they kick us out.

Leaving in 12 hours!
Looking back at the previous posts in our little community here, Steph and I both say "I can't believe" a lot. Well, the road trip is here, and I CAN believe it. But, I still wish I had like one more day to prepare. I still have homework undone, never got a pedicure, a proper dress (for dinner as Paris Las Vegas) etc etc.

But, it is here and we're going in 12 hours! We're going to have a blast and I can believe that!

16 Days!!!!
I can't believe that we're going to be leaving in 16 Days!! I've gotten to the point where I am now dreaming about the road trip at night! We've got everything set to go I think. I finally got my Saturday ticket, all our hotels are books, roads mapped, playlists almost done. In 16 days we're going to be on our way on the adventure of a lifetime. I hope that everyone will follow our exciting adventure as we travel!

53 Days
I can't believe there's only 53 more days until our road trip. We've got amazing hotel reservations in San Diego that put us right in the middle of the action. In Vegas on our way west, we'll be staying at the Bellagio! So obviously we're going to watch Ocean's 11 in preparation of our stay. The only real variable we're still dealing with is the Comic Con schedule, which unfortunately won't be released until two weeks before the con starts. We have to make some sweet road trip mix cds to play as we drive. I think that the most important playlist we're going to make is the Vegas one. I am trying to figure out the best songs for it. Our wifi situation looks good. We've just got to make the order. We're getting down to the little details like what drinks were bringing in the cooler.

We've also created at (currently empty) Tumblr to post all our pictures on!

102 Days!!
I can't believe it's 102 days until we leave on the road trip!!!! We are pretty much done with all we had to do. All that is left is play lists for the road, games for the car, and snagging that Saturday ticket for me, when it becomes available. We're so excited!!!!

170 days until take off, and we've really started to get things moving. Kimmi has made reservations for most of our hotel rooms, except for the ones at Comic Con, which we can't reserve until March. The exciting news is that, thanks to some good fortune, we get to stay at the Bellagio for our two nights in Vegas! I'm really excited about that. We're planning on seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance while we're there. When we stop in Vegas on the way back from San Diego, we'll be staying at the Paris and eating at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

The only setback we've hit is that the Comic Con tickets sold out on Saturday, so Kimmi didn't get one for that day. We'll stay diligent, though, and hopefully she can pick one up when they resell any extras.

We're planning on buying USB port for temporary wifi access. I found a web site for it. Kind of expensive, but maybe I can find something cheaper elsewhere. Of course, there will be other necessities that we'll run into before the big date. If anyone has any ideas, though be sure to let us know.


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